Artist Interview: Hold It!


Craftland is excited to introduce you to Kim, the Augusta, Georgia-based maker behind Hold It! We proudly carry Kim’s hair accessories and badge reels. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

What is your background and how did you get into creating what you make now?

I sort of fell into my business. The flower shop evolved from my inability to throw out scrap fabrics!  I found a way to make my adorable fabrics into magnets and from there… hair accessories.

Tell us about your design and making process?

Each flower starts with a strip of fabric and tons of starch.  After I cut, fold and sew each petal, I starch and iron again.  My iron gets a lot of use (Did I mention that I hate ironing and most of my clothes stay wrinkled?)! After that they get a button center and off they go.


What is the source of your inspiration?

Sometimes I get color combinations from what I see in stores or in nature but other times, it is just a matter of gathering all of my fabrics and piling them together until I see what I like.  With my headband sets, I usually start with a printed elastic and pull other colors to match.  And then there are the times when I lay out ever single elastic and just start grabbing – those sets usually sell the most!


What do you find to be the most challenging and rewarding part of owning your own business/creative career?

I love working for myself and working from home!  No one cares that I show up in my yoga pants.  Working from home has its drawbacks though.  I often get pulled away for appointments or events, and it is tempting to work at night instead of taking time for hobbies.  I’m the one who has to worry about sales and spending!

What do you think makes your process and product stand out?

There really isn’t anything like my flowers on the mass market.  A few companies have tried but they couldn’t get the perfection that I strive for. I use designer fabrics and top quality materials, and I put on finishing touches that my competitors ignore.