Artist Interview: Judi Goudreau

Craftland is excited to have you meet Judi Goudreau! A sculptor and painter based in Rhode Island. We proudly carry Judi Goudreau’s ceramic dogs and cats!

What is your background and were you always creative?

For as long as I can remember I have been drawing and painting. In elementary school I even had an artistic rival Ryan Door who drew Peanuts characters and dinosaurs where all I drew were animals. I went to RISD for a degree in Illustration which gave me a need to create a story in paintings or an emotion with sculptures. Artwork has been a constant in my life and when I would go for months not creating anything I would wilt like a flower. Painting and creating sculpture gives me happiness.

What inspires your art work, and how did your career as an artist begin?

I have painted for profit and fun all my life with 9 years ago starting sculpting small dogs. This new medium has been a surprising success for me. I began making dogs after the loss of my first dog Conner and branched out to making relatives dogs. With my friends encouragement I began selling them. I really enjoy the reactions I get when capturing a commission just right.

What is your creative process?

I am usually inspired when I see people out walking with their dogs. Seeing the dogs movements and personalities helps me to create an accurate likeness. Burmese Mountain Dogs are always happy looking and make me smile, as Bloodhounds look woeful and sweet.

What is your preferred medium, and why?

I have always used stoneware clay just because I know how the glazes will react with the clay and it has enough grog in it to make a sturdy sculpture.

What work do you most enjoy doing?

I have made some sculptures that fit together as well as stand alone, two cuddling dogs or cats sleeping next to each other. They evoke such a peaceful reaction.

How has your work and career evolved since the beginning?

At first I just made dogs. These dogs were purely the essence of dog, four legs, tail, floppy ears and dog-like gestures. I quickly got requests for breed specific dogs and then pleads for cats soon followed. I now make dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes.

What is your goal for the future of your company/ career?

I am planning to expand my website and reach a wider market.

Thank you Judi Goudreau!

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