Artist Interview: Katharine Watson

Craftland is excited to have you meet Katharine Watson! A print maker based in Maine. We proudly carry Katharine Watson cards, journals, prints, and calendar!

What is your background and how did you get into printmaking?

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, but I studied printmaking in college and felt like I had found the perfect medium for me. I love the bold shapes and monochrome palettes, and I was immediately drawn to it.

What inspires your designs, and how often do you come up with new designs?

I’m inspired by patterns I see around me, as well as a blank sketchbook page or piece of linoleum. I think it’s best to just get something down on paper and then decide later if it’s good or not. I try to create something new at least a few times per week if I can!

How has your work evolved since the beginning of your business/career?

It’s evolved in many ways! It’s definitely gotten more detailed, but it’s also changed as I’ve figured out what my customers like and what works better for different product formats.

Any advice for anyone else who is also interested in starting their own creative career?

Just get started and put it out there! I know so many people who want to start their own careers, and have a lot of talent, but never get started for a variety of reasons. So put your work out there! It’s not going to be a huge success overnight, so just keep working away at it.

What do you find the most challenging and rewarding part of owning your own business/creative career?

I love getting to problem solve all the different areas of running a business, and I love making my own schedule. I love to travel and getting to make my own schedule definitely makes up for the stress and financial uncertainty of owning a business. I also love doing something with such concrete results: I love starting with nothing and by the end of the day having a new carved block, print, or pattern design.

Is there another form of art, materials, or elements you are interested in working with or incorporating your designs on to?

I also love ceramics and painting! I work in those mediums sometimes, and I love incorporating my printmaking style into them. It’s also fun and refreshing to try something completely different, it always ends up giving me new ideas and bringing me back to printmaking.

Thank you, Katharine Watson!