Artist Interview: Lovegrass Studio


Craftland is excited to introduce you to Vicky Rabinowicz Katzman, the New Jersey-based artist behind Lovegrass Studio! We proudly carry Vicky’s cards. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

What is the source of your inspiration?

Nature – plants, animals and everything in between, with a special love and focus on my nature collection. Also, objects that hold meaning for me, spirituality and symbols. This translates to; a handful of seed pods I’ve collected on a hike; a buddha sculpture from my backpacking voyage through Asia; Rainbows and hamsas and birds.

What is your preferred medium, and why?

Cut paper with pen – it’s light and portable so I can bring it wherever I go. Plus, I love the bold, graphic results.


What do you find to be the most challenging and rewarding part of owning your own business/creative career?

It’s weird, but narrowing down ideas and picking just one is challenging for me. Also, once I DO pick an idea and start it, all the other ideas CONTINUALLY CALL for my attention. I’d block them out if I could, but they’re INSIDE MY HEAD! and there’s no off switch… So another challenge for me is to stick with the project I’ve started and see it to completion.

The most rewarding part of having my own creative business is the flipside, complete creative freedom!

Is there another art form, material, or element you are interested in working with or incorporating your designs in the future?

I try not to let my mind go there, but yes, silkscreen has been calling my name.

What do you think makes your process and product stand out?

My limitations. Most artists use lots of color, right? Color is like the BEST tool in the toolbox – it’s gorgeous, emotional, alluring – why NOT use it? Me? As much as I’ve tried over the years, I’ve never been able to get a grip on color. I can juggle up to three at a time, but ideally, I like to stick with just one. Black is my go-to. I’ve come to accept my limitations and now embrace an extremely limited color palette. This helps give my work it’s graphic impact, which in turn, makes it stand out.