Artist Interview: Meredith Stern


Craftland is excited to introduce you to Rhode Island-based artist Meredith Stern! We proudly carry Meredith’s collages and prints. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Tell us about your design and making process?

Much of my print work is very spontaneous- I always mix colors as I go and never know exactly what something will look like until it’s done. My collage work is also very stream of consciousness- I have a huge pile of broken prints that become new pieces in a very unpredictable manner.


What is the source of your inspiration?

I plant my bare feet in my garden, watch the leaves shifting shade, spend time with our cats, read, and listen to music. All these activities flow through my mind and become visual art pieces when they leave my fingers.

What is your preferred medium, and why?

Printmaking- it’s a democratic medium- you can make multiple copies of an image rather than make one precious piece. I like the immediacy of carving lines into a block of wood or linoleum. It’s a very meditative process for me and I can float away from my thoughts.


How has your work and career evolved since the beginning?

It’s a constant evolution. For years I only printed black and white pieces. I was very interested in contrast, in duality, in dichotomy and direct communication. I’m becoming more and more interested in color, texture, and communicating narrative in more subtle ways as years progress.

Any advice for anyone who is also interested in pursuing their own creative career?

It’s important to love what you do, and to be working constantly even if you feel creatively stuck. Some of my most successful pieces I’ve made were small projects I did to keep working. I also think being flexible and open to change is crucial. You’ve got to find strength in yourself, but be open to evolve and change.