Artist Interview: Renee Garner

Craftland is excited to introduce you to North Carolina-based artist Renee Garner! We proudly carry Renee’s art prints. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

me in nature

What is your background and how did you get into creating what you make now?

My mom is an artist and my dad is an architect, so creativity was always valued and encouraged. In college I majored in fibers, I loved the way the medium overlapped installation work. After college and having kids I needed to find a way to keep creating but still have room for materials. Drawing became my trade of choice. As an avid gardener I have been able to combine the two and truly do something I love.

What is the source of your inspiration?

Gardening and the natural curiosity that come from seeing plants grow.


How has your work and career evolved since the beginning?

I don’t remember a time of my life when art wasn’t essential. My earliest work was drawing with crayons then I moved onto painting. Somewhere along the way I started working with exploring feminism and politics in art making. When I first started gardening I felt that growing food and herbs was the most politically radical statement I could make. The act of planting a seed and nourishing myself all while nourishing the soil with minimal monetary input is incredibly liberating. Drawing became a way to extend that statement while connecting with viewers.

tomatoes1103 (1)

What do you think makes your process and product stand out?

People are really into nature and gardening right now, and my subject matter appeals to the side of them that wants to be outdoors. I’m also not afraid of color so I think the boldness resonates the same way walking through a garden would.


Any advice for anyone who is also interested in pursuing their own creative career?

Don’t talk yourself out of success!