What is Craftland?
Craftland is our year round store located in Downcity Providence! Craftland started off as a holiday pop-up shop in 2002 and opened its first brick and mortar store in 2009. We operate as a consignment store, representing around 150 artists’ work year-round and about 200 artists’ work during the holiday season. The store features various arts and crafts from artists in the U.S. and Canada. Participants are selected through a jurying process.

How do I apply to sell my work at Craftland year round?
Find out more HERE!

When is the Holiday Extravaganza application deadline?
The application will be available the first week of August and be due on September 15th. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for all our latest announcements!

When will I know if my work has been accepted into the Holiday Extravaganza?
Jurying will take place after the deadline and everyone will be notified by email by September 22nd.

Tell me about the Holiday Extravaganza jury?
Craftland is curated by a team of notable crafty jurors from a variety of media, with different guest judges each year.  It is important to have high-quality photographs depicting interesting, well-crafted designs that fit with the aesthetic of Craftland. Clever packaging helps too! For some super duper tips, read up on “Wowing a Craft Show Jury” by our friends over at Hellocraft.com.

Can I upload more than 3 images on my application? Can I apply by email? And if I get accepted, is it okay if I send work other than those 3 images? 
Only 3 images are allowed to be uploaded on our application. However, if the jurors decide they want to see more, they will refer to your website. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE A LINK TO AN ACTIVE WEBSITE. Emailed images and applications will not be accepted. And yes, if you are accepted, you can send work that is different than your uploaded images – HOWEVER, the images should be indicative of the kind of products that you would be sending overall. Craftland reserves the right not to display work that does not fit our standards.

If I am accepted, when will my work be due at Craftland?
New artist work will be due by NOVEMBER 5th. Returning artist work will be due OCTOBER 29th. We will let you know where to send or deliver your work when you are accepted.

When and where will the amazing Holiday Extravaganza take place?
The Holiday Extravaganza will take place from mid-November through the end of December at our storefront at 212 Westminster Street, Providence, RI.

What kinds of things does Craftland sell?
We feature unique handmade jewelry, prints, cards, ornaments, housewares, accessories, t.shirts, body products, plush creatures and so much more! All handmade, all the time! People visit Craftland to buy gifts in many price ranges. Some artists make limited-edition goods specifically for Craftland; we’ve found these sell like hot cakes!

Who sells at Craftland?
We sell the work of around 200 artists during the holiday seasons — teenagers to grandparents, and professionals to first-timers from all across the USA and Canada.

Do I need to be present in order to sell my goods?
Nope! Craftland is a retail shop that operates on a consignment basis. Artists drop off their merchandise at Craftland (or mail it if they live out of town), and the amazing Craftland staff operate the shop. We do love it when you visit!

My work is currently for sale at Craftland, do I still need to apply to the Holiday Extravaganza?
Nope! You will be emailed with details if your work is currently for sale at Craftland.

How much inventory do I send you?
If accepted to Craftland, you will receive detailed information about this, but the basic rule of thumb is: send as much as you can. This year, artwork will be due by November 5th, 2018.

Craftland is a retail shop so we display as much inventory as fits with our aesthetics, and we store remaining inventory as back-stock. Keep in mind that it is difficult to create a proper display if the stock we have on hand is very limited in quantity. So you’ll want to send enough to make your work stands out in our lively, filled to the brim, holiday store.

Any remaining work at the end of the holiday season will be returned to you with great care. Please keep in mind that if you are mailing work, it is best to send all of it in one go when it is due. If your work is selling like crazy, you will be contacted by Craftland store managers to send us more inventory, if you’re able.

What does it cost to participate in the Holiday Extravaganza?
The only cost is the non-refundable application fee of $20 due with the application. Artists will receive 50% of the Suggested Retail Price they set of sold merchandise. IMPORTANT: The application fee is not refundable, and will not be returned to artists who are not accepted. 

When will I get paid?
Payment will be mailed by the 20th of the following month in which the work is sold.

I have highly detailed questions about sending my work. Will you answer them?
Those questions will most likely be answered by our informational emails sent to those who are accepted. These emails contain information on how participants should price and package their products, how to deliver their items to Craftland, how unsold items will be sent back, and much, much more! If those emails don’t answer a particular question, send us an email: showinventory@gmail.com.

How is Craftland marketed?
· Craftland advertises in several local magazines and guides, such as PWCVB visitor’s guide, Hey Rhody guides, RI Monthly Holiday, and Providence Monthly.
· Full-color postcards and posters
· Press releases sent to all area publications
· www.craftlandshop.com
· Partnerships with area and national businesses
· Weekly email newsletters during the month of December (sign up on the right side of this page!)·
· Social Media: Please find us on Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram.
· Blogs, extra-sensory perception, and mind-control
· And you, our artists!

What do past participants have to say about Craftland?
“Everyone who works at Craftland treats my artwork with the same care they would treat their own- with love and respect.  I love dropping my art off at Craftland – I have the pleasure of chatting with awesome and friendly people.” Meredith Stern

“When I drop my work off at Craftland I know it will be in the best of company, well cared for, and sweetly promoted. The Craftland crew really knows how to sell my bling!” Kim O’Brien, K.O’Brien Jewelry

“Working with Craftland has been one of the best things for my business. They are professional, friendly, funny AND they pay on time!  I never worry about when my check will arrive.  When it comes to selling on consignment, getting paid on time, and without a hassle is crucial.” Suzanne Tanner, Tanner Glass